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19-Nov-2017 14:26

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If you want to play it safe as possible, don’t commence your tryst until your cabin nears the top of the wheel. With the blanket over you, this position should appear as though the woman is simply sitting on her man’s lap, albeit vigorously if you’re doing it right.

That way, there’s less chance of being seen by anyone in a higher cabin. Stay Seated The best position for a High Roller dalliance is the lap dance position. This isn’t the time to get totally crazy, or you may run afoul of High Roller security.

Keep Focused, Guys Don’t spoil your 550-feet-up coupling with an unintended fail. There’s a lot to distract high above the Las Vegas Strip, including the jaw-dropping view and a running commentary by some dude on the pod’s video screens.

Keep your eyes on the prize and your partner will thank you for it. Use Moist Towelettes Once the deed is done, you’ll want to clean up a bit. Be Prepared for Some Awkward The end of your ride is the most perilous part.

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(What happens in Vegas rarely stays in Vegas, despite what you may have heard.) At night, the lights are dimmed inside the passenger cabins so guests can see the Strip without glare. As you get to the loading platform, stand back and watch the flow of riders.A golf ball has dimples on its surface to increase the efficiency of airflow over it and let it fly further.

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