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Maybe he once tricked The Flaming Lips into smelling his dirty underwear, or knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of a blunt passed by Snoop Dogg.After talking to more than 20 of this city's resident music pros — from club owners to sidemen —the Scene takes a glimpse into this exclusive world of mishaps, transgressions and calamities, known only by those blessed, cursed and audacious enough to work in the community's best-known industry.With the exec in his lion's den, he felt it a good time to vent myriad frustrations.While the disoriented Spiders tried to rediscover their bearings, they watched as Snoop sarcastically berated Schur while the rapper's strapped entourage surrounded him. "There were definitely guns there." As a funny side note, this all transpired in a studio where, according to Friction, members of '90s hip-hop cutouts Bone Thugs-n-Harmony once reacted to an unsatisfactory playback by pulling a Phil Spector and shooting up a mixing console.This is, after all, the only place in the world where the guy standing behind you in line at the supermarket might've spent years sharing the stage with David Bowie.Or maybe he once comforted an industrial-Goth overlord frightened by his own tchotchkes.Friction's moment of Zen came when Snoop finished dressing down Schur by saying: "Maybe I should dye my hair pink and tour with The Pink Spiders." Family Wash fixture Reeves Gabrels wasn't always one of the dukes of East Nashville.

Atop a kinglike throne, the Willie Nelson of hip-hop entertained the Nashville power-punkers with his Doggy-style brand of esprit de corps.They commissioned an actor to pose as the clerk's biker boyfriend, then watched as the raving brute barged into the studio to confront the wily producer.Terrified by threats of having his ass kicked and his work visa revoked, Eno hastily concocted the most implausible of bogus explanations: He wore the condoms on his fingers while playing piano, to protect his calluses.One particular standout was how he struck terror in the heart of one of rock's most revered sonic innovators.

The story goes something like this: While working on Bowie's 1995 industrial concept album Outside, legendary producer Brian Eno took a liking to a comely checkout clerk at the studio's neighboring pharmacy."He said he thought it was funny, but David didn't think he actually saw any humor in it." To the naked eye, the young punks of explosive quartet Be Your Own Pet — now defunct — may have looked merely like a bunch of scraggly teenagers. For any vulnerable performing artist needing a how-to in dealing with hecklers, the Scene suggests taking a page from the BYOP playbook.