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17-Oct-2017 04:53

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(Of course, I once took a woman to a museum on our first date, so what do I know?) Originally posted by Badtz Maru I like to go to movies, but that is not such a great date option with a non-hearing person, even if she can follow plot by reading lips (which I think she's mentioned before she can do sometimes), it would be hard to communicate with her in the dark.I'm going out this weekend with a woman who has no hearing.I've hung out with her before but that was always when I was with the girl I was dating, who is a close friend of hers and who knows some sign language.She was mainstreamed for education and was adept at reading lips and speaking. Speak when she's looking at you, preferable full on.Talking in a car together is therefore bit tough, the profile is difficult to lip read.

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Barring all else, a pad of paper and pen should see you through just fine.Dinner is a good place for conversation because you can sit opposite each other.