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29-Aug-2017 21:25

It found that “even among people with more than 90 percent chance of getting a cut, about half said they did not expect to get one.”That helps explain why the tax cuts are not popular.

The statistical website found 51 percent approved, while 26 percent were opposed.

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There are numerous websites where you can enter your tax information and see how you will be affected.

Another provision would prohibit colleges from using a loss in one unrelated business to offset a gain in a different such business, potentially increasing their overall tax burden.

Unrelated businesses are those not directly connected to their academic mission, such as recreation or fitness centers, sports camps, facility rentals, and golf courses.

The provision is expected to affect fewer than 30 colleges nationwide, though the number could certainly grow.

A small change in this section states that the tax applies only to “institutions more than 50 percent of the tuition paying students of which are located in the United States.” During debate over the Senate’s version of the bill, Sen.

Larry Arnn, the college’s president, wrote that he believed the proposal was “fair” because institutions like his do not accept taxpayers dollars.