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20-Jul-2017 16:04

Regardless, the appeal of dating sims was not always the same as that of eroge.

Playing dating sims usually meant working hard for an outcome, whereas usually involved more easily-accessed sexual visuals.

These games were developed because of popular demand, and were successes both in and outside Japan. This tangent is just to compare 25 years of graphical improvements (DOAX is not actually a dating sim).

Curiously, the actual volleyball required only one hand, because the game used a button-timing system, not a character-position based one.

And while less popular titles pile up on the shelves, dating sims are still going strong, and every year there are a few that gain mainstream popularity.

In order to explain the appeal of dating sims, it would be useful to compare them to a simulation game of the dating context.

This is why dating sims are often called “Love Adventure Games” (恋愛アドベンチャーゲーム) in Japanese, or just “love games” (恋愛ゲーム).

In 1984, Sega created the first video game which entailed even a remote semblance of “dating.” The game was called “Girl’s Garden,” and it was only released in Japan.

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You can see the caliber of pornographic material here; the graphical limitations are obvious.But I'm sure the developers thought "long and hard." ... The lines between eroge and dating simulators are actually quite blurred.

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