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21-Aug-2017 21:44

Eventually, the gang crash their vehicle next to the fountain in Middle Park.Take down each of the gang members using cover where necessary.There is one more goon on this floor, and one additional goon situated on the stairs which lead to the next floor.

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It becomes apparent that Luca and his buddies have ripped off Niko and Ray.

Ray wants Niko to go to Luca's hangout in Castle Gardens and get the diamonds back so that everyone can get paid.

Once all the goons have been eliminated, Teddy reaches a dead end (he tries to use the fire exit but it's locked) and he doesn't put up much of a fight. Ray wants Niko to meet some friends of his and collect some diamonds which are hidden in garbage.

After the cutscene, Niko is automatically disguised as a trash collector for the task which lies ahead.

Meanwhile, Alonzo calls Teddy to inform him that you are on your way up, so be prepared for a shootout with Teddy's gang.

Don't call yourself any of the following: witty, ambitious, down-to-earth, or humble.… continue reading »

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It's fragrances included (for the ladies) Marechale, Sarcanthus, Crown Ess Bouquet, Malabar and Matsukita.… continue reading »

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