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“It’s the best thing I have ever, ever done,” she tells me. I was prepared to lose absolutely everything.” Hirst has known for most of her life that she wanted to be a woman.“I didn’t feel like I was connected to the world all my life. She tells me about dressing up in her mum’s clothes at the age of eight, and using her Bic razor on her legs when she was 16: “It felt amazing, and I felt that’s how they should feel.” She tried to tell her mother the truth when she was 16 years old, but she did it dressed head-to-toe in her mum’s clothes.“One of my old bosses said you can save someone’s life with this,” she tells me. “I want to show the general public that it’s not something which you see the occasional thing written and you think, freak, weirdo, you’re messing with nature. I hope it educates people.” 'I've found true happiness' There have been reports that her bosses at Capital FM Yorkshire told Hirst that they "did not think gender reassignment was suitable or commercially viable content." It is thought that Hirst quit her job at the station after 11 years because of this.It has sparked a number of support groups on Facebook, with almost 100,000 supporters are calling for her to come back on the radio.“I’m going to fund the final operation myself because the NHS is stretched enough and I’d rather that someone else transgender who needs that, it could go to them.

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It was death or transition, absolutely.” Hirst tells me that she thinks this is why she threw herself into radio: “I was completely fulfilled in my work."I’ve got to go back to entertaining them at some point.The one thing I didn’t want is for this to consume every waking moment, because it had done it for years. It’s because I’m obviously ‘full-time’ now, so I want to try to carry on with things as normal.” It’s in the most normal moments that she truly appreciates being Stephanie.“It was like someone constantly prodding you in the arm.

It was always there and it got worse as I got older.

She recently tweeted an image of herself falling asleep with a smile on her face, and wrote: “These days I seem to be going to bed with a smile on my face.