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12-Oct-2017 13:36

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On 7/8/17 I paid in full for a countertop from Lowe’s at the Waterfront in Homestead PA.

Measurements were taken for the solid surface via laser level.

On 9/21/17 countertop was installed; they used 2×4’s to shim and left my stove in the middle of the floor saying it couldn’t be used until it was raised level with the countertop otherwise it would cause a fire.

It arrived in your store on Wed or Thurs according to your store.

The installer said they would install it on Dec 14; when I complained about that they offered to pull it in a day, to Dec 13.

It was originally promised by the end of October; then it was promised to ship 11/5; then it was promised to ship NLT 11/15.At no time did they ever say the cabinets were not level and would need to be addressed.The original countertop and tile work was perfectly level.6 feet by 6 feet, which takes under two hours, should be given preference for timing and that I should not have to wait for installation like I just ordered it a week or two ago.

I actually paid for this window in full on Oct 10th or 11th Dave M., the Owner of Right Angle, the installer, said Lowe’s should deliver the picture window and he would install it ASAP, in any event NLT Wednesday, Dec 13.

Lowe’s is currently the second largest hardware retailer in the US behind Home Depot.

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