Who is ville valo currently dating

13-Sep-2017 05:30

We're just doing a few shows to, kind of, like, test the waters, see how the chemistry works within the band with a new guy.And everything is going splendid, which is great, because [replacing a longtime drummer is] not the easiest thing.So, today, in this section, we are going to discuss the love affairs and dating life in brief. Ville Valo's current relationship status is reportedly single.Villes' Twitter and Instagram account also show no hint of his current love affairs.Similarly, he could also be a Pragmatic Villain, as the two follow their desires without care for others, but nonetheless have no interest in outright evil.

currently dating the ever so adorable Ville Valo of HIM; she was a model and so I guess that would explain her over thinness.

After he split with Joanna, Ville stayed single for six years and then eventually started an affair with Sandra Mittica in March 2012.